The Z generation is a common language used by European and American cultures to describe people born between the mid-1990s and 2010.

In 1994, China entered the Internet, and the birth and growth of the Z generation coincided with the rise of the Internet, which made them become true Internet citizens.


The founding team of SKYNFUTURE is the Z generation.

Sometimes we would be '3-minute passion', but we can put everything into what we like;

our material life is full of choices, so the harmony of the spirit can touch us more.

We are pursuing consumption upgrades, but we hate to follow the mainstream, so we pay more attention to value recognition when we choose brands.

As a generation Z, we are more sensitive and fascinated by things in technology and professional fields.

This time, we don't want to choose anymore. We want to create our own skincare products and create our own brand.




——Laboratory Aesthetic Brand——

——Technology Skincare Brand——


We have found that in the field of skincare, the “component party” is growing. So at every stage of the brand's birth, we have done a lot of in-depth research on young consumers like us.

As a brand born in the laboratory, we hope to be the pioneering brand of technology skincare in the era of technology. Therefore, we put forward the concept of "high-component skincare products should be deeply integrated with high-tech physics beauty equipment", using the "potential component" that has not been widely used to make products, research advanced technology of skincare, and we also design beauty equipment ourselves.




——no story——

——only technical, reason and visible effects——


Our two skincare collections are "Truth-telling" Essence-in Series, and "Boyfriend" Anti-Bluelight Series.

You must be curious: Why do you name it like this?

In fact, the naming of  "Truth-telling" Series comes from the idea of the R&D team - " Impressing consumers with principles". The "Boyfriend" Series is named after the marketing team's concern for the loneliness of the Z generation that hoping the products can protect them just like a boyfriend.

The "Truth-telling" Series contains products such as Essence-in and facial mask that can give young people the right to “Be your own formulators”. They can mix and match different kinds of Essence-in and products according to their own needs. The "Boyfriend" Series based on the damage caused by electronic screens, developed a series of products with anti-blulight core ingredients, including cleansing, toner, lotion, cream, etc., to meet the basic skincare needs.



As a new brand, we don't have a long history, and future stories are written by consumers.

SKYNFUTURE will never be a cold commodity, we have enthusiasm and love.

We hope that young people will fall in love with us, choose us and grow with us.


This is the skincare product we want

This is our brand

Here, write the story of the future with us

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