May 20th, the 24th China Beauty Expo in Shanghai

SKYNFUTURE announced a strategic cooperation with the Nano Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS). On the spot, Mr. Zhang Yaoyuan, Director of SKYNFUTURE Marketing Center, and Dr. Li Hui, Senior Engineer of Nano Lab of CAS, held a cooperation and authorization ceremony. Both parties will jointly promote the upgrading of SKYNFUTURE's fullerene-related products in the future.



The Nano Lab of CAS is a key laboratory of the CAS. The laboratory focuses on many cross-disciplinary studies in chemistry and physics, materials, biology, etc. Specifically, Dr. Li Hui focuses on research and application development of fullerene composites, research on fullerene formulations and research on external product development.



Why does SKYNFUTURE choose fullerene ingredients?

In 1985, R. F. Carl, R. E. Smalley, and H. W. Kroto, who discovered the third form of carbon, C60, named it "fullerene", thus promoting the creation of a new chemical branch. Together they won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The Nano Lab of CAS compared the fullerene with vitamin C, curcumin and quercetin and found that after more than a certain period of time, the fullerene component can maintain cell activity for a long time. In addition, fullerenes can also regulate skin water and oil balance and improve skin elasticity. The fullerene component is not afraid of light and heat and is a very stable pure carbon material.




“At first, although fullerene is widely used in the cosmetics industry,

it is only found in beauty salons and high-end products because of its high cost and unsatisfactory purity.

However, after the fourth generation of fullerene production and purification innovation technology was developed,

the cost was reduced and the purity could reach above 99.95%.

The expensive fullerene ingredients can now serve more consumers. ”

——Dr. Li Hui, Senior Engineer, Nano Lab of CAS



“With the changes in consumer groups and the rationalization of consumer perceptions,

the trend of component-led products has created a strong wind in the cosmetics market,

and the [component party] is becoming mainstream.

As a technology skincare brand,

SKYNFUTURE will choose more trending ingredients in the selection of active ingredients,

and fullerene has such potential. ”

—— Mr. Zhang Yaoyuan, Director of SKYNFUTURE Marketing Center

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